HETHON FEEDER – dosing of powder and granules

Hethon Feeders are dosing machines with a flexible wall hopper. These walls are being massaged with paddles from the outside to keep the contents inside moving without unrequired or damaging contacts with the product to handle. The massaging movement avoids bridging, ratholing and all other problems when dosing bad flowing and compacting powders.









There are five models available:

  • Model 40 for maximum 120 l/h.
  • Model 50 for maximum 480 l/h.
  • Model 60 for maximum 1200 l/h.
  • Model 70 for maximum 2500 l/h.
  • Model 80 for maximum 30000 l/h.

The capacity is controlled by frequency inverters for volumetric mode and with a weight control for gravimetric mode.

Hethon Feeders can be delivered with many options. The picture below shows a water-cooled strewing nozzle for dosing salt on 120 ºC steel bars. Extension hoppers (see picture below at the right) for extra feeder contents are available in many shapes and sizes. With special control extensions the feeders are to apply at all places.


Hethon Feeders work a very long time trouble-free with a minimum of maintenance of just a few moving parts.

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