ROTOTECH rotary joints are used to transfer steam, water, hot oil, hydraulic, etc. from a stationary supply line torotary union rotating machine part such as shafts, drums ro rolls, ROTOTECH manufactures reliable and economic rotating joints for the needs and requests of its customers for years.

Beyond standard products, ROTOTECH manufactures special products and solutions for all applications and fluids. In need of special rotating joint, modifications will be made to standard rotating join or a special new rotating joint will be manufactured. When in need of special product, customer receives quotation with a technical drawing in a short period. When confirmed tehnical drawing received by our application department, manufacturing process starts immediately.




Conventional Sealing

Seal theory of the rotating joints is known as, as the pressure on the seal faces increases, force holding the seal faces together increases, resulting tighter and better sealing. But more pressure on the rotating seal means more friction and more torque is needed to turn the joint, therefore resulting hihg seal wear.

During operation seal ring encounters :rotary unions 02

  • force of the inter passing medium,
  • friction between shaft and the seal
  • friction between housing flange and the seal




Rotary joints are made in several performances.

  • single flow where two units are needed.
  • double flow with a steady syphon pipe.
  • double flow with a rotating syhon pipe.
  • and multiport couplings up to 8 ports as standard.








Most applied series are 5000 with traditional sealing possibilities and 9000 with advanced bellows seals.The connection sizes (shaft + hose diameters) range from ¼” to 5” or higher, depending on the series applied.

For several applications special series are produced. Our specialized sales staff offers you the right Duff Norton Rotary Union for your application.

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